How to attract good things into your life?

At dinner table tonight, my 13 year old son told us that he did something wrong today. He then went on to give us excuses and justify why he did it and so on. After we listened to his story, my husband taught him a lesson, a lesson that if he masters it to heart, will attract unlimited abundance into his life. After dinner, I asked him to write down his father’s teaching so I can post it on this blog. I think he did an amazing job. So here it is for you, please share it with your network to enhance the life of others. I wish you good luck, good health, and an amazing life full of love and abundance.

Here is my son’s essay.

How to attract good things into your life

Everyone wants  good luck, good fortune, good friends, good partners, good kids,  but many seem to struggle always with bad luck, poor income, bad friends, bad partners, and not so good kids. What is the problem? Why can’t you get what you want?

Here is a lesson I learnt from my Dad tonight.

Everything in the world is an energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. You are an energy conduit yourself.  You vibrate at a certain frequency.  Your particular energy vibration attracts the similar frequency from the surrounding energy field. This occurrence states the well known wisdom: whatever you give out, you get back.

So in order to attract better things into your life, you ought to raise your frequency to the level of the things and qualities that you want to attract.

What does this mean?

It means that if you want love, you ought to raise your energy level to match the energy of love in order to attract love into your life. If you want good money, you will need to raise your energy level to match the energy of wealth and prosperity in order to attract money into your life.

How do you raise your energy frequency?

Your thoughts, words and feelings determine your energy level. When you think thoughts of love, good luck, abundance, peace, happiness, harmony, you feel light and happy and peaceful. That is because these beautiful thoughts create good feelings that lift your frequency and vibration to a higher level. When you are at this level, you cannot attract anything else but the things of the same energy vibration such as love, beauty, abundance, wealth and so on. You will refer yourself to be a Creator at this level.  On the other hand, when you think and feel anger, fear, bad luck, conflict, poverty, you feel heavy and depressed, because these low energy frequencies lower your vibration to a very low level. When you are at this level, you cannot attract anything else but fear, bad luck, bad fortune, and bad people. At this level, you will refer yourself as a Victim.

What are the characteristics of a Victim and a creator?

A Victim and a Creator is separated by a single choice. A  Victim is totally powerless and choiceless.  When you are a victim, you are like the wave of the ocean that gets toss by the force behind the wave.  You are the slave of life, running around all day trying to hold things together to stop it from falling apart.

Victims get around by blaming other people, complaining to get sympathy and acceptance, and justifying why something wasn’t your fault. These three deadly qualities highlight the people who haven’t taken charge of their lives and never will until they awaken to the fact that they, themselves are the cause of the problems at hand.

A creator is an empowered person. When you are a creator, you are aware enough to make the choice to become awakened to the reality that you are totally responsible for whatever happened in your life. You are the force that makes the wave. You are in charge of  your life. You  know exactly where you are going,  and you always get what you want  because you work hand in hand with the law of attraction—whatever you are, you attract.

Creators have a positive view about life; instead of blaming, complaining and justifying, you  accept full responsibility for whatever happen,  you give thanks for the opportunity the problem provides and then immediately, you focus your energy on coming up with the solution. By doing this, you raise your frequency to a higher level where a solution exists, rather than being pulled down to a lower energy level where the problem was created.

What are the languages of a Victim and a Creator?

Victims say things like: “It is not my fault;  he hit me first; someone has given me the wrong advice; why are you doing this to me; I am an alcoholic because my mother is one; you took away my happiness; I am fat because it runs in my family genes, there is nothing I can do; I hate rainy weather; why me? poor me; I attract bad luck…….” In a word, life happens to them, life does things to them; they have no other power rather than complaining, blaming and justifying.

Creators say things like: “ I am responsible for this situation; I started the fight by saying annoying things to him ;I have taken the wrong advice from someone; why am I doing this to myself; just because my mum is an alcoholic, it does not mean I will become one, I have power to choose not to be ; I am overweight because I have given in to my weakness of overeating, drinking and not doing enough exercise; there is no such thing as bad weather, there is just weather of different kind, look for rainbows when it rains; I am grateful for this problem because it is giving me an opportunity to learn about myself so I can improve my life; thank you for choosing me, I learnt so much from this suffering, especially, compassion towards other people; I love myself, I attract good luck, good people, and good things into my life….” In a word, Life listens to me, I have power to choose, I design my life, and I am in charge of my own destiny. I am grateful, I am responsible, I am solution driven. It does not matter what life does to me, I have the final say, I determine the outcome by my own choice.

I did something wrong tonight. I knew it was wrong, but I still did it. Instead of receiving a punishment which I rightly deserved, I receive this teaching from my parents.

I am a thirteen year old boy who has learnt this valuable lesson as a result of making a mistake.  I would like to share it with you to make your life much more enjoyable and successful, as we have been blessed with a gift of living this life, so why not create the most awesome life we could ever imagine? ”

If you like my son’s essay and think that it does help you in some positive ways, please share it with your network of friends. This lesson may be just the one they need to improve thier lives. Wouldn’t it be awesome if many people’s lives have become better as a result of your sharing? After all, the short cut to abundance is to become the source of someone else’s abundance. What you give out comes back to you a thousand folds.

Happy Creating
Hong Curley
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